Ideas for Your Horse's Halloween Costume

This year, it's not just the kids who are getting dressed up! American Quarter Horses make great costume partners.

Get creative this Halloween and develop a costume for you and your American Quarter Horse. Photo via: Sarah Winfield.

Fall is here! For some, that means pumpkin spice lattes. But for others, that means Halloween is just around the corner! What a wonderful time to dress up and go hunting for candy, no matter your age.

This year, AQHA encourages you to dress up with your American Quarter Horse! Here are some ideas … but feel free to use your own creative powers to come up with something extra spooky or sweet. (And be sure to read to the bottom of this blog; we put together a handy quiz to help you choose.) 

1. Sunflower and a honey bee

2. Racehorse and a jockey

3. Pony and his unfortunate rider

4. Harry Potter and Hermione

5. Brothers of Duck Dynasty

6. Skeletons

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