AQHA Corporate Partner Nutrena is one of the world's largest equine nutrition companies, feeding more than one million horses per day.

Nutrena is proud to be the official feed partner of AQHA. Nutrena has served the nutritional needs of all types of animals for over 80 years. We know that the right nutrition makes all the difference in keeping your animals healthy and happy. That’s why our feeds are formulated with the optimum levels of nutrients, protein, fat and carbohydrates your animals need to stay in top condition. Whether you keep animals around for fun, competition or work, you can trust Nutrena to provide the right nutrition them.

Nutrena has a complete offering of equine horse feeds and supplements that include:

Bag of Nutrena SafeChoice


SafeChoice is a revolutionary formula from Nutrena, scientifically balanced for horses in all life stages. High fat, controlled starch levels and highly digestible fiber all come together in this nutrient-rich formula to support health digestion and performance - and give your horse the quality nutrition it requires.

Bag of Nutrena Life Design

Life Design

Your horse has different nutritional needs as it progresses through each stage of life. What's the best for a foal is very different from what's best for a horse that's fully developed. That's why Nutrena created the Life Design series - to ensure that your horse gets the proper nutrition at every stage. The Life Design series offers four precisely formulated products designed to deliver optimal nutrition based on your horse's current age, activity level and nutritional requirements: Mare & Foal, Compete, Prime and Senior.

Bag of Nutrena Lite Balance


LiteBalance is a controlled calorie, high nutrition formula for overweight horses, easy keepers and ponies.

Bag of Nutrena XTN


XTN Extreme Nutrition Horse Feed is designed for horses in rigorous training or competition and delivers maximum performance under extreme conditions.

Bag of Nutrena Vitality


The Vitality line of premium horse feeds provides superior performance and safety in a textured feed. Our revolutionary Smart Grain Technology allows for controlled starch and sugar levels in a whole grain based feed. From Vitality Mare & Foal to Vitality Ultra for high performing horses, Vitality has you covered.

Bag of Nutrena Triumph


Triumph horse feeds deliver true value in equine nutrition, made possible by a combination of select feed ingredients and generations of industry experience. Triumph feeds are specially formulated to give your horse the nutrition it requires under a broad range of conditions. You can count on the quality and value of Triumph horse feeds, brought to you exclusively by Nutrena.

Bag of Nutrena Empower


Empower is Nutrena's high-fat, rice bran energy supplement that is perfect for performance horses and hard keepers who need just a little more in their diet. Nutrena also offers Loyall Pet Food, a full line of nine pet foods for every age and stage of your dog and cats life. Each formula contains flax seed, a natural source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; organic trace minerals to promote healthy skin and coat, glucosamine from natural sources, and a and balanced fiber for better digestive support.

Nutrena is committed to excellence. Nutrena and its network of retailers, which now include all Tractor Supply Company locations, make it their business to provide you with the nutrition your animals needs to perform at their best. In partnership with AQHA, Nutrena will do everything they can to help you achieve your goals. Visit or to see what Nutrena can do for you and your animals.

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