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AQHA Shows

AQHA shows offer a variety of classes (English, Halter, and Western) and divisions (youth, amateur, open) for competitors of different skill levels. Some shows may offer Level 1 classes for the youth and amateur divisions and some offer the special Select classes for amateur exhibitors who are 50 years of age and older. Below are additional show formants which various show managements offer to meet exhibitors’ needs.

Double Judged/Double Point (**DJ/DP**)

Want to earn points fast? Then a double judge/double point show might just be the ticket for you. This format features one show with two judges, meaning your top placings could earn two sets of points without having to exhibit twice. Double Judged/Double Point shows are primarily found at major livestock shows where there are a large number of exhibitors. The majority of exhibitors who attend these shows are highly competitive, so expect top quality exhibitors and American Quarter Horses. Expect to pay two entry fees.

Split/Combined (**S/C**)

Another efficient way for exhibitors to rack up more points is to attend a split/combined show. Any two consecutive shows (like a Saturday and Sunday show) can be combined into one show and split over two days. There can be up to four judges and four sets of points and the class is held only once – a real bonus for exhibitors who are trying to qualify for the World Shows or earn year-end awards. Expect to pay two entry fees.

Special Events (**SP EV**)

Want to meet more people who show in the same event as you? A special event just might be the ticket. Special events – as the name implies – may feature two single events like team penning and cutting, barrel racing and pole bending or roping events like team toping and calf roping. The serious and the casual competitors attend these special events. A single set of points is awarded at each special event. State affiliates may request two special events by category, per state.

Livestock Shows & Fairs

Some of the largest AQHA shows are held during livestock shows and fairs. These collective events, which feature shows for other livestock, offer all levels of competition including youth classes. The number of entries may be high, and you can find seasoned and casual exhibitors.

All-Level 1/Rookie Shows (**LVL1**)

Have some fun showing while getting your feet wet at all-Level 1 shows. These events are specially designed for eligible youth and amateur exhibitors who are eligible to compete in Level 1. This means you’ll compete in classes with people of similar skill and experience levels. All-Level 1 shows are hosted by AQHA state and provincial affiliates, and are usually held as stand-alone events or can be held during an open show.

Alliance Shows (**AL EV**)

You earn AQHA points by competing at shows hosted by AQHA Alliance members such as, National Cutting Horse Association, National Reining Horse Association, National Reined Cow Horse Association and National Snaffle Bit Association. Approved events award points based on the AQHA system to those exhibitors who like to show in both organizations. You can expect all levels of competitors. AQHA rules are applicable, and exhibitors must meet AQHA owner and eligibility requirements.

Versatility Ranch Horse Competition (**VRH**)

As the names suggest, this division demonstrates the versatility of the working horse in six classes-ranch riding, ranch trail, ranch cutting, ranch reining, ranch work and ranch conformation. Classes are offered in the open, amateur, youth and cowboy divisions.

AQHA Equestrians with Disabilities

Equestrians with Disabilities is for those who wish to compete regardless of their physical or mental abilities. The competition consists of ten classes. The classes can be held at AQHA-approved shows or can be stand-alone competitions. An Equestrian Proficiency Card from (PATH) and/or special adaptive equipment and riding ability form can help exhibitors when entering these events since the card provides show managers information about their abilities.

Introductory Classes/Shows

These are for organizations or individuals wishing to include AQHA classes in their already scheduled Open, All Breed or 4-H shows. Introductory Shows do not retain priority date status and points do not count towards World Show qualifying or Incentive Fund payout.


AQHA-approved dressage classes are only held concurrent with USDF-licensed shows, which must be AQHA-approved. Open, amateur and youth eligibility are based on AQHA criteria.