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Take a look at our FAQs to see answers to common questions about AQHA business, membership and more.

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How do I create an account on the new website? All first time users must create a new account to use member services. 

How do I link my membership to my new account? You may link a primary membership when you set up your account or you may add one or more memberships by managing your AQHA IDs. The membership you are conducting business with will need to be linked in order to perform your member services tasks.

How do I access member services if my membership is not current? You can purchase a new membership or renew an existing membership by linking your AQHA ID and completing the renewal process, however; the renewal process takes 1-2 business days to update in our records which means members services will not be accessible until the membership is renewed in office.

How do I file my stallion breeding report online? Once your account is created and your membership is linked according to the ownership of the stallion, you may file your report 

How do I register my foal online? Once your account is created and your membership is linked according to the ownership of the dam at the time of foaling, you may register your foal

How do I conduct business for a membership I am listed as an agent for? In order to perform services for the account you are acting on behalf of, you will need to link the membership by number and PIN to your user account. You cannot link your own membership and proceed. 

How do I pay for my request? Once you’ve created your account, you can add a credit/debit card in your AQHA Wallet to use for online submissions.  There is no longer an option to have the request billed or invoiced; to submit work a payment must be made.  You will check out using your shopping cart once your items have been added to the cart.


How do I find AQHA forms? All of AQHA's forms are found in one handy location at and are grouped by department.

How do I look up AQHA records? There are many different types of horse and exhibitor records to choose from. AQHA members receive $10 each month to spend on AQHA's online records research. Non members can contact our office to order a record.

How do I subscribe to AQHA magazines? AQHA offers The American Quarter Horse Journal, the Ranch Horse Journal, the Performance Horse Journal and America's Horse magazine. Find out about these three award-winning publications, which are available digitally for iOS and Android devices.

How do I access AQHA's rules and regulations? Access the AQHA Handbook of Rules & Regulations online or via our app for iOS and Android devices. You can also access AQHA's Annual Report.

Can AQHA help me find a horse trainer or a horse breeder? AQHA is happy to help connect members with reputable horse trainers and breeders. Use our online Find a Trainer and a Find a Breeder resources.

How can I stay updated about AQHA news? Visit our website often, and subscribe to our email newsletters for the latest AQHA and industry news.


What are the benefits of being an AQHA member? AQHA membership includes hundreds of dollars in discounts and savings from your favorite companies, like Ford, John Deere, SmartPak, Valvoline and OfficeMax. U.S. members receive America's Horse magazine 10 times a year, get discounts on AQHA business, are eligible to compete in AQHA shows, the AQHA Horseback Riding Program, other events and much more. Learn which AQHA membership is right for you.

I lost my AQHA membership card. How do I get a new one? AQHA can quickly issue you a new membership card, and we can even email or fax you a copy so you can use it at an upcoming horse show or event. Call AQHA Customer Service or use our Contact form to get the process started.

How do I update my contact information? Simply use AQHA's online contact form and choose "Update My Information" from the dropdown box. Enter your AQHA member ID and your new information and click "Submit." It's very important that AQHA have a working email address for each AQHA member, so make sure to include your email address.

How do I upgrade my AQHA membership from general to Amateur status? To compete in the AQHA amateur division, a general or lifetime membership must be upgraded to amateur status. This is an easy process. Contact AQHA to learn how to upgrade your membership.

Can I add my spouse/family member/business partner to my AQHA membership? AQHA cannot add or delete a name from an existing membership. If you require a joint/individual membership, AQHA will need to create a new membership. To transfer ownership of horses into the new membership, AQHA requires receipt of a completed and signed transfer report for each ownership change plus the original certificate of registration and appropriate fees. 


How do I register my foal? If you're a stallion owner who filed a stallion breeding report, you should receive a pre-printed registration application. If you do not have this application, AQHA has a registration application for download. Or, you can register your foal online as the owner of the mare at time of foaling. Learn more about registering your foal and what information AQHA needs from you.

I want to email my foal photos for my foal's registration. What are the size limits? AQHA can accept photo attachments at totaling 10MB or smaller. Please identify the foal by the foaling date and dam's name and number in the subject line of the email. 

Can I fax my horse's registration application? Yes. If the customer is close to a deadline, a faxed copy will be accepted. These applications should be faxed to 806-349-6407.

Can you help me name my foal? Here are some great tips for naming your foal. If you'd like, AQHA will name your foal for you.

Can I change my horse's registered name? Only some horses are eligible for a name change. Learn about the requirements that must be met for a horse's registered name to be changed.

I'm buying an American Quarter Horse. How do I transfer him into my name? Before you purchase an American Quarter Horse, it’s always a good idea to ensure that the seller has the original registration certificate as well as a transfer report. Contact AQHA customer service to make sure that the person you’re purchasing the horse from is the owner on record or authorized to sign paperwork for the owner, or you can purchase an ownership record for the horse online. Watch a video tutorial on transferring your horse. Also check out the three most-common transfer questions AQHA receives.

I purchased a horse, and there are multiple skipped owners between myself and the owner on record. How can I get the ownership transferred into my name? If you’re not buying a horse from the owner on record, check with your seller to ensure they have a transfer report putting the horse into their name before you complete your purchase. AQHA does not knowingly allow skipped transfers, but you can send multiple transfers in at the same time and we’ll update the horse’s record and put the horse in your name.

Can a horse be owned jointly or by a company, LLC, ranch, etc. and still be shown in the Amateur or youth divisions? If a horse is owned by a ranch, corporation, joint ID, etc. authorization does not have to be on file. But all partners, members, agents, owners of corporation, partnership, etc. must be immediately related as outlined in rule SHOW:220.1.

How do I make a minor change to my horse's registration certificate? AQHA makes many minor corrections to registration certificates free of charge through the 12th month following a horse’s foaling date or six months from the date a registration certificate was issued, whichever is later. Free corrections include color, gender, markings, scars, brands or inner office errors. AQHA requires the original certificate and a few more pieces of information. Learn how to make registration certificate corrections.

Does my horse need DNA and parentage verification? If you own a stallion, it needs to be DNA typed for breeding purposes. The Genetic Panel Test is required as of January 1, 2015 for all breeding stallions. If you bred 25 or more mares in 2014, the Genetic Panel Test is also required. If your horse was the result of embryo transfer, it needs to be parentage verified. Also, mares born in or after 1989 must be DNA typed to register their offspring. There are several additional circumstances in which we require DNA or parentage verification is required. Learn more.

I need a certificate mailed to an alternate address for the process of a transfer, duplication or registration. What do I do? Include a signed statement for the request by the owner/authorized agent designating where to mail the Certificate of Registration.

Can I get a copy of my stallion breeding report? A photocopy of a stallion breeding report must be requested in writing by the record owner or lessee at time of breeding or the current owner or lessee. The charge is $5 per report. AQHA cannot bill members for this service. We must have the payment and the signed request before the report can be sent out.

I listed the wrong mare/breeding dates on my stallion breeding report. How do I correct this? The stallion owner, lessee or agent must submit a signed statement advising AQHA of the correction. This can be sent by mail or fax.

How do I record a Thoroughbred horse for breeding with AQHA?  AQHA will require the following documents to establish a Thoroughbred for breeding purposes: photocopies of the Jockey Club Certificate (both front and back sides of the certificate), four current color photos of the front, back, and both sides. There is one-time enrollment fee of $50 per for a current AQHA member or $105 for a nonmember (this fee includes a 1-year membership). The horse must also be DNA tested; DNA from the Jockey Club may be accepted, for more information please contact AQHA.


How do I figure out my level before I head to my next show? Thanks to the AQHA leveling program, everyone has a place at AQHA shows, from beginners to the most highly accomplished competitors. The leveling program groups horses and riders with their peers of similar experience and achievements earned. Use AQHA's online level verification system to determine your level.

Can I lease an American Quarter Horse and show him? Yes. American Quarter Horses can be leased for the purposes of showing for $100. You may lease a horse to show for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years. Complete a showing lease form.

What's the best way to keep track of my exhibitor records? Use AQHA's Member Services area to access exhibitor records. You'll log into the site, then choose "Show records." Read a tutorial on accessing exhibitor records. AQHA members get $10 in records research free each month as a member benefit.

How do I find out about upcoming horse shows in my area? AQHA's online show calendar is a great resource for finding upcoming horse shows near you. Choose a month, then search by state, province or country. Read a tutorial on finding the right horse shows for you.

What are the equipment rules for AQHA shows? It's important to stay up to date on acceptable training equipment and practices at AQHA-approved shows by consulting the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations SHW:300-334 or visit Also familiarize yourself with prohibited equipment added in 2012.

How do I qualify for world shows and Level 1 championship shows?


How do I become an AQHA Professional Horseman? If you're interested in becoming an AQHA Professional Horseman, simply submit an AQHA Professional Horseman application.

Can AQHA help me find a horse trainer or a horse breeder? AQHA is happy to help connect members with reputable horse trainers and breeders. Use our online Find a Trainer and Find a Breeder resources.

I'm not ready to show but I'd like some help with my horse. Who can I contact? Our friends at the Certified Horsemanship Association have highly skilled horse trainers who can help you reach your horse-riding goals.

Where can I look for horse-training advice? AQHA offers a horse-training email newsletter and horse-training blog posts. The American Quarter Horse Journal provides monthly tips and tricks from AQHA Professional Horsemen and Horsewomen in our Borrow a Trainer column. Quarter Horse Outfitters offers numerous horse-training DVDs and books.

Still have questions? Contact AQHA online, on Facebook or at 806-376-4811 during regular business hours.